information to transformation

cloud and cloud products are next wave of transformation, so let’s blog about it!

Blog for work-space collaboration and cloud technologies.


Welcome to Set-Techie, this blog is all about technologies focused on work space. Current trend maker at most work space is my favorite “Microsoft” Technologies.

Microsoft is always focused on the trending needs of corporate world, as organizations can deliver innovation to this mankind to overcome many huddles. So, I am more focused on Microsoft technologies, always one cannot work on all technologies. I have chosen cloud technologies, saas platforms and work-space collaboration products for this blog and for my career,  these lists never remain static!

Simple and the simplest, two words create new things in life. The technology isn’t stopping itself and it is not making us to stop and relax. It’s just growing, natural clouds reducing in size but technology clouds are just increasing in size, scalability, performance etc. This is all happening because we humans are adopting it.

There is lot of empty space in internet world, so just lets start filling it.