Hey Hi

Welcome to Set-Techie!

My name is Lingaraj Benni and I am Technology Evangelist & learner at the Internet!!

I am working on Microsoft applications/platforms such as Office 365, Skype for Business/Lync, Exchange, SQL, Azure, PowerShell, Windows Server and Active Directory since 2006.  My intention to start blog was to avoid many things like wasting time & knowledge, and to start sharing knowledge with people , building communication with diversified minds.

As per my life history, this is my third try to become blogger!! looks odd isn’t it? but it all happened. I am  hoping that this time I will hit the success because its my interest (Just Blogging) !

Finally would like to mention that, I personally believe “Actions Speaks Louder Than Words” and I guess this is enough for anyone to know me!

Hope to meet all you “techos” in this internet world.